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About Dr. Jekyll

Dr. Jekyll Guitar Works was founded in 2017 in La Quinta, California,
as a result of an unrelenting pursuit of the “ultimate” tone! 


As a guitar player, as my skills progressed, I began to listen to music differently; particularly concentrating on guitar players. Paying attention to their technique and tone led me on an unending “tone quest”. For me, and like most guitar players, tone is of utmost importance and cannot simply be quantified. As a player progresses from a beginner to intermediate, advanced, and for some, all the way to a professional musician, he/she will make numerous upgrades and acquisitions to their gear.  I’ve heard many guitar players over the years, mention chasing a tone you “hear in your head”! That was the stimulus for the creation of Dr. Jekyll Guitar Works. 


As a kid growing up, my father (an Aerospace Engineer) was very mechanically knowledgeable and capable, be it with cars, carpentry, designing, you name it. One thing that he told me that has stuck with me all these years was his advice to always buy the best tools you can, as the quality makes a difference in your work, and the best tools will last a lifetime!


I find this advice holds true for guitar players as well. Your “tools” are the sum of your gear and skills. The better your “tools”, the better able you are to perform at your full potential. Quality gear may inspire you to play more, resulting in your skills improving exponentially.


Dr. Jekyll Guitar Works was founded with the mission of creating the preeminent guitar speaker cabinets, based on design, build, and tonal qualities. There is no credence given to cost cutting,
or manufacturing compromises. All materials and components are of the highest quality.
The designs take no consideration for mass production compromises, but rather are designed with the objective of supremacy!


The sole purpose is to design, fabricate, and build the best guitar speaker cabinets, period!


To that end, I have developed a revolutionary feature that is incorporated into all Dr Jekyll Speaker cabinets. You will not find this feature with any other speaker cabinets, let alone guitar speaker cabinets. The Patent Pending feature comprises Standing Sound Wave and Reverberation Diffusion. You will not see this feature without looking inside the cabinet. However the difference in tone, and superior sound quality are immediately apparent when playing through one of these exceptional speaker cabinets. Our cabinets are not designed to sound like others on the market. Dr Jekyll cabs are designed to perform at the highest level of sound quality, and tone, and are especially intended for studio work and performing musicians! 


Dr. Jekyll Guitar Works

Unleash the Monster in Your Tone!

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