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The Psycho

Psycho Cab Details:

The Psycho cab was named after the Alfred Hitchcock movie. And for good reason; this cab truly is psychotic! This is a hybrid cab, incorporating the best elements of a 4x10 and a 4x12 cab into one with two 10” and two 12” speakers within an incomparably sealed enclosure. The tone is nothing short of phenomenal, with plenty warmth from the low and mid frequencies emanating from the pair of 12” drivers, along with the quick attack and smooth extended highs from the 10” drivers. In short, you get the best of both worlds, with plenty of power handling capability! They are exceptional for everything from clean jazz to full on metal!

The Psycho also takes advantage of  Patent Pending Standing Sound Wave and Reverberation Diffusion, available only in Dr. Jekyll Guitar Works speaker cabinets!


Great lengths were taken in the design, and build, as well as components and parts selection, to make the Psycho superior to, and unlike any other “sealed” guitar speaker cab on the market today!

The enclosure is built from high quality 18mm, 13 ply Russian made Baltic Birch. The baffle is also fabricated from the same 18mm Baltic Birch. The rear panel is fabricated from 12mm, 9 ply Russian Baltic Birch.


Furthermore, the baffle is completely sealed within a dado joint around the top, bottom and sides.

Interior access is made possible through the rear panel which is mounted to gasketed bracing. The bracing is also sealed within the top, bottom and sides with a similar dado joint. Stainless steel, black oxide screws, with gromets and rubber O-Rings are used to fasten the rear panel to the bracing, with gasketing providing additional sealing qualities.


A German made Neutrik Speakon Combo input jack accepts a Speakon connector which locks in place to eliminate accidentally unplugging the speaker cable from the cab. However a standard ¼” connector can also be used in lieu of a Speakon if desired.

Power rating is 200 watts.


Drivers are recessed and front mounted (and have gaskets where they mount to the baffle) allowing for the best possible dispersion. Front mounting allows full width projection from the enclosure, without having to first travel through the baffle. Rear mounted speakers found on most guitar speaker cabinets must first travel through what is effectively a straight tunnel before exiting the enclosure, causing them to initially project in a more “beam like” path, like a shotgun from a barrel, before the sound waves can disperse. Front mounting allows immediate and better dispersion. 


The drivers are wired Series/Parallel for a 16 ohm impedance, which is compatible with nearly all guitar amplifiers. 

Featuring American made Eminence drivers. 10”s speakers are a pair of Eminence 10516 (16 ohms, 75w) guitar speakers.
Choose your 12” speakers from the following options:

  • Eminence Man O War (16 ohms, 120w).

  • Eminence Cannabis Rex (16 ohms, 50w).

  • Eminence Texas Heat (16 ohms, 150w).

  • Swamp Thang (16 ohms, 150w). 


Individual metal grills protect the speakers from accidental bumps.

Steel side handles are recessed into the enclosure, and are mounted with gaskets to enhance sealing qualities of the enclosure. Gaskets are also mounted at the rear input dish, rear panel, and all drivers, ensuring the best “sealed” cabinet design for added punch and clarity.


Additional steps are taken to also enhance the performance of this sealed guitar speaker cabinet:

  • None of the fasteners (baffle fasteners, side handle fasteners, input dish fasteners, or feet (and optional removable casters) protrude through to the inside of the enclosure. These fasteners are screwed into threaded inserts which are fully encased into the Baltic Birch, but not drilled through to the interior!


All fasteners are super high-quality hardware, consisting of stainless-steel black oxide (except the threaded inserts which are die-cast zinc!).


The corners of the cabinet are protected by all steel construction black corners which are made in the UK. The steel corner protectors are the only items that are screwed directly into the wood, but even these fasteners do not protrude through to the interior of the enclosure.

To further illustrate the level of detail in the construction, consider this model contains:

  • 92 threaded inserts (with optional removable casters there are a total of 108 threaded inserts)!

  • 76 stainless steel black oxide cap screws.

  • 16 stainless steel black oxide phillips head machine screws.

  • 16 stainless steel black oxide wood screws (to mount black steel corner protectors).

  • Custom carved and filled/inlaid graphics.

  • Custom interior work to dampen standing sound waves inside the enclosure.

  • A super high-quality topcoat is applied consisting of 5 or more coats which are sprayed on. 

  • Raw wood color or optional dyes or stains are available as custom finishes.


Power handing: 150w.

25”x25”x14”; 64lbs. 71lbs with optional casters.


Optional removable casters, add $74.99.
Shipping included.

There are only 2 available, email or call for information on each!

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