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The Bela - Plague Dr.


The Dr. Jekyll Bela is a custom designed and hand built, 2x12" ported guitar speaker cabinet.

This cabinet is recommended to be paired with a 50 - 100 watt guitar amplifier head and really shines when played at high volumes!

Metal players will be rewarded with rich, deep, powerful tone as it is tuned to accentuate lower frequencies than other mass produced guitar speaker cabinets.
Side and rear panel inlay are inspired by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This cabinet features 4 -3" ports, flared at both ends, and is tuned for a wide frequency response, beginning at a frequency beyond the range of standard cabs, to allow for the heaviest tones.
Down tuned and 7+ string guitars are where this cabinet really shows it's power capability. Loaded with two light weight neodymium 200 watt Eminence Legend EM12N speakers, that are front/flush mounted resulting in enhanced dispersion right out of the double layer baffle. The front mounting provides better dispersion than rear mounting, and takes away from the directional like sound projection that you sometimes experience with rear mounted speakers.

High quality, void-free, 13-ply (18mm) B/BB Russian Baltic Birch construction ensures extremely high stability. Every piece of wood in this cabinet is Baltic Birch!

The baffle is not simply butted up to and screwed up against bracing. Nope, that's not how we do it. The baffle is actually glued into a dado groove that is cnc machined for accuracy, thereby achieving a more solid attachment and better sealing.

Likewise, the rear panel is securely affixed to bracing that is also glued within a cnc machined dado, and a gasket between the bracing and rear panel aids in providing a tight seal. Not only that, but rubber washers are used in conjunction with 16 black oxide machine screws and grommets to further achieve a tight seal at the rear. 

Premium black oxide, stainless steel hardware is used extensively. 

The input jack is a German made Neutrik Speakon Combo; you can use either a Speakon input connector or a standard 1/4" speaker cable.  The input jack is attached to an input dish that also has a gasket sealing the mating surface to the rear panel!

Eminence Legend, EM12N neodymium speakers are wired series for 16 ohms impedance. Upon request the speakers can be wired parallel for a 4 ohm load, however if so, please make sure to verify your amplifier can handle 4 ohms or serious damage may result to your amplifier. The benefit is that at 4 ohms you will drive your amplifier harder and may achieve higher volume/SPL.

This cabinet is rated at up to 300 watts Program Power, and 200 watts RMS. I'm betting you will never want to haul a 4x12 again!


Please email or call for availability and build times. All cabinets are custom built. Inquire about custom inlay, or tolex covering options. The cabinet pictured above is one of a kind. 



Cabinet Construction Material: 18mm Baltic Birch

Speakers: two 12" Eminence Legend EM12N Neodymium

Power Handling: 200W

Impedance: 16 oms

Input: one Neutrik Speakon Combo (accepts Speakon or 1/4" plug).

Configuration: 2x12, front mounted speakers, with 4 front/flush mounted round ports, flared at both ends

Weight: 61.2 lbs.

Width: 25"

Height: 25.5" (without removable casters)

Depth: 14"

Optional Caster Plates w/Removable Casters: adds 1.4 lbs. and 4-3/8" to height.


$1995, including shipping to the continental US. No international shipping. Add $75 for removable casters.

This cabinet is SOLD. 

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