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What Our Players Say

Jon E Love


Steve Pearson has taken a hard-line approach to how he manufactures his products.. With an attitude that He will not cut corners to save a few $ here or there he puts the good ole USA pride into delivering the best product he possibly can.. His designs and anal detail to using only the best techniques to make his custom Cabinets by far surpass the top brands out there. The 2 custom cabs he made for me speak for themselves in tone and non-compromised assembly.. His cabs are almost to pretty to want to take on the road but that's where they shine..If your a pro that utilizes top -notch gear for your tone than you can't go wrong with Dr Jekyll custom cabs to be your last piece of gear in your chain before your audience hears it.. Jon E. Love Love/Hate


Sean Silas

Hour Eleven, Ryatt: I been playing the “Lugosi” for almost two years now.

Been on 2 tours and has never let me down. Super punchy and clear!

Thank you Steven for such an amazing cabinet! Fan forever!

Sean Silas with Lugosi 2x12.jpg

Captain Ray Earls

My big name brand 4x12 guitar cab was starting to get too bulky and heavy to travel on tour with and I needed a solution without sacrificing volume and tone. I am greatly impressed with my personal built Dr. Jekyll Guitar Works 2×12 cab not only does it hold up fine against the 4×12 the tone in itself redifines the industry standard. The compactness of this cab is ideal for being on the road or in the studio. Bigger is not necessary better and Dr. Jekyll has definitely demonstrated that here. I have played on all the big name brands but nothing has came close or as personal to this. Besides the mind-blowing tone and unexpected volume, you are getting the best speaker cab, in terms of quality, design, build, and materials that you would never find or be able to order from your major music store. If you are ready to color outside the lines regardless of your style the search stops here.

Captain Ray Earls Green Jello Christmas.
Green Jello Cab.jpg

Robert Cruz

The Dracula 2x12 Bass Cabinet from Dr. Jekyll is light weight, durable and highly responsive. It thrives in environments where other cabinets have failed me. The craftsmanship is superior to all other cabinets I've used over the last 30 years and it gives Ryatt its signature sound. I have used it on 4 tours and 5 recordings and will continue to use it exclusively in all my musical ventures!

Robert Cruz with Dracula Cab.JPG
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